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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Good Times at the Moon Time

posted 7:02 PM by Windowsill Wendy

So Lisa finally took me out to the Moon Time Bar & Grill last night. I think I might have a new favorite "regular" joint. And I'm pretty sure I want to marry the DJ. I'm hard pressed to remember when I've heard so many fabulous songs in a row. Everything from The Band's "Up on Cripple Creek" to Jerry's "Rubin and Cherise" to the Talking Heads' "Psycho Killer." Nice. But I digress...

Being a single girl again after 7 years or so, I admit that I'm absolutely clueless about the laws of attraction, etc. It's been a pretty interesting year - most of the time I don't think about it or worry about it too much. I figure it's best just to roll with it. I have made a few observations, though, that seem to hold true every single time.

Last night, I didn't go out on the prowl, per se, but the thought did cross my mind that I could potentially meet someone interesting. (Fat chance, I know - it's been months since I met someone who caught my interest. Who was actually interested back.)

Anyway, I think I inadvertently stumbled into one of the Murphy's laws of mutual attraction. See, I pretty much guaranteed myself that there would be no chance of any sort of after-hours activities by doing two things. I shaved my legs, and I wore sassy little underthings. And that's when I remembered the rule.

Preparation eliminates the possibility. The only time I ever seem to really hit it off with someone, I'm scraggly and/or wearing granny panties. Which virtually negates the possibility of a second go-round, in the event that I were to decide "what the hell" and actually indulge in a first go-round.

The rate I'm going, though, I need to lose my razor and stock up on granny panties. And buy a tooled leather bag. I'm letting you in on a little secret here, ladies - that thing is a man magnet.

We had an absolutely fabulous evening, though. I'm pretty sure the bartender is our new best friend, and we fell in with a group of jovial Illinois-ians (Illinois-ites?) toward the end of the night who kept us quite entertained. I'll definitely be back there for Stellas on the roof deck in the near future.


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