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Monday, July 02, 2007

Fear and Loathing at the DMV

posted 9:10 PM by Windowsill Wendy

After seven-and-a-half hours, nearly $500 and three separate government agencies, I am now officially a Colorado resident. Yes, I procrastinated for nearly 11 months, but as of last Friday I have shiny new Colorado license plates, and a shiny new Colorado driver's license will arrive in my mailbox approximately three weeks from today.

The red tape is pretty formidable, but I actually encountered some pretty friendly government employees at the various agencies (Denver Motor Vehicles, Emissions Testing Center and Colorado Department of Revenue). I will say, however, that the Denver Motor Vehicles office smells and feels just like the inside of a laundromat in July. Stifling.

Also, why anyone in their right mind would sign on for a three or four hour wait in a small, cramped government facility AND bring their four small children along, I have no idea. Trust me, people, it's worth a sitter. I felt awfully sorry for some of the moms and dads who were trying to keep their cranky kiddos entertained throughout that ordeal.

I did hear tons of complaining while I was sitting around trying not to die of boredom. I kind of wanted to ask those people what they thought was going to happen, exactly? It is quite a process, after all, and I couldn't imagine that it would be a quick, easy in and out trip. I planned on spending the whole day with my butt in those uncomfortable plastic chairs.

My car looks a little strange without my Texas tags, and it hurt my heart a little to watch the lady punch a hole through the center of my Texas driver's license. I must say I miss my Texas identity a little bit, for whatever reason. The truth is, though, that this change feels right. I'm trying it on, and I think it fits pretty damn well.


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