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Thursday, June 21, 2007


posted 8:37 AM by Windowsill Wendy

Now there's a word I've been thinking about quite a lot recently - in several different applications.

My sister-in-law informed me that she thinks I have "relationship issues." I think that stems from a lack of commitment. But then, doesn't everyone have relationship issues?

I've been ridiculously committed to accomplishing some pretty massive goals at work - to the point that work has taken over my life.

I made a commitment to start from scratch and re-build my life when I moved to Colorado. I've succeeded in some areas and failed miserably in others.

Commitment is a funny thing - it seems we are always either over-committed or lacking commitment. How do you find the middle ground?

Interestingly enough, I enrolled a while back in a ten-week personal development seminar (gotta invest in yourself sometimes, right?). Last night was the first session of the seminar. I have been so busy lately that I really didn't pay attention to the title or content of the seminar - just sort of showed up and hoped for the best. Turns out the thing is all about commitment.

As part of the first session, I was asked to begin a list of things I am committed to at the moment. So that all of you out there on the inter-web can hold me accountable, I'll list them here. Here goes...

I am committed to:
  1. making a tangible, positive difference in the world by bringing my fundraising campaign to the $1 million dollar level.
  2. being honest and open and not sacrificing relationships for the sake of being "right."
  3. creating more time to enjoy life in general and engage in the activities I moved to Colorado to pursue.
  4. empowering others to create new possibilities in life.
  5. creating an extraordinary partnership with at least one person in my life.

So that's a start. I look at the list and realize that I have been very committed to some of the items and not so much on others. It's easy to say the words. It's not so easy to muster the courage to carry them out sometimes.



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