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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Panic Red party, music...meh

posted 11:47 AM by the joker

06/24/05 Red Rocks, Morrison, CO

1: Travelin' Light, Weight Of The World, Little Lilly > Ride Me High, North, Travelin' Man, Rebirtha, Dyin' Man, Holden Oversoul, Chilly Water

2: Papa Johnny Road, You Should Be Glad, Don't Wanna Lose You, I Like The Things About Me, Expiration Day, Fishing, Counting Train Cars, Drums, Monstrosity, Run For Your Life, Good People, Thin Air (Smells Like Mississippi)

E: Goin' Out West, All Time Low, Henry Parsons Died
[Acoustic 'Expiration Day']

This was what I would consider a "good" show. Not bad by any means, but definitely starting out easy on the first night of a 3 night run. The last time I saw panic was in Dallas before the hiatus, and i must say that George "Deedle" McConnell has come a long way. Much less deddle guitar and more good jams. Still, this show didnt blow me away. I thought that the Dyin' Man was the best of the first set; Chilly Water closer for the first set had a lot of energy from the crowd. The second set was solid but again nothing seemed to catch my ear as being amazing. As always, though, a great party at Red Rocks. I wont be able to catch the next 2 nights, but glad I got to see this one.

Sometimes I go to shows thinking that I have seen it all before...In many ways I have, but last night I saw something new- 2 guys, 1 girl, all 3 of them 17, carrying around a sign that said "Flips 4 Tips". One of the kids did a back flip for your spare dollars. He was making a killing- in about 10 minutes while he was by us in the lot he must have collected $20 easy. He could do it all - even flip over his girl...

back flips for your $tips$


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