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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Dear L Ron Hubbard,

posted 11:42 PM by the joker

So in the midst of all the freaks at the Boulder Creek Festival i sat down at a tent where i got a "free stress test". They made me hold thin cans that were hooked up to some sort of machine with a needle that would go left and right on it. I could see the needle move but they never told me what it meant when it moved. Then, this girl asked me a series of favorite was:

"What is ruining your life?"

...And I thought, well, having to actually work and pay bills not being able to travel around the country doing drugs and seeing a guy play guitar like a jedi (aka phish tour)...but thats not really ruining my life...but having those things happen is just life...and i said "what? nothing is ruining my life- but who has a perfect life without problems?"

so, i got handed a copy of Dianetics and told it could solve all my problems and John Travolta endorses it and blah blah...but i still dont know the results of my stress test, and i still havent read Dianetics.


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