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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Crazy Person of the Week

posted 9:59 PM by the joker

Boulder is a great town, and I love living here. I have been all over the country, and there is no where else I would rather be. One thing about this town, though, is that there are a lot of what I would consider kooky people. Every week I meet someone a little off, and it makes for a great story. That's the thing about crazy people in Boulder- they are harmless and make for a great laugh. A crazy person in another town- say, New York, for example- crazy isnt funny- Crazy wants to kill you.

Tonight I went to a "business leader networking event" (what the invitation said) at a local business. The business was a "healing center"...and they introduced me to a V.I.B.E. machine. Here is a picture and a description:

"The Vibrational Integrated Bio-Photonic Energizer (VIBE) machine is a technological breakthrough that enhances the human body by restoring the vibrational level of the body back to its natural, optimal state of being. Invented by Gene Koonce of Greeley, CO, it is based on the pioneering techniques of energy machines built in the early 1900s and the use of AC (alternating current) power.

The VIBE transmits energy at the frequency of healthy cells, and the body then resonates to this frequency like a tuning fork allowing the body to heal itself. The biophotons or light emitted improves the body's communication system. Raising the oscillating frequency of every atom in the body strengthens the immune system and eliminatese V the negative toxins the body is fighting. The quantum fluctuations or vibrations in the cells start creating new and different "memories" as the cell frequency is reprogrammed back to its original, natural state. This enhances the body?s ability to protect itself from harmful physical and environmental substances."

So, I sat in front of the machine and now my cells are operating at the correct frequency. Personally, I dont know if there is any truth or really any harm to using this machine or not...I believe that our minds are the most powerful tool we have- if someone sits in front of this machine every day and thinks that they are being healed, well, they probably are- we create our own realities are in control of it.

I will go on the record and say that this machine and all of the talk is a little crazy to me- hence the crazy person of the week. Gotta love Boulder.


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