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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Cars, Trucks, Buses> Mountains in the Mist> Drifting> Drowned

posted 9:11 PM by the joker

An eventful weekend...the summary:

Cars, Trucks, Buses
Fri night I went down to Denver to spend some time with The Power of the Brown and his crew. Our buddy Ricardo had an idea- rent a 30 foot RV and drive it to dive bars outside of Denver. So that is what we did. We had a designated driver and a cooler full of beers and we were on our way. I do love a good trip down the highway in an RV. I had set a goal at the beginning of the evening to get a couple of girls to come back to the RV with us and party, but alas, no asks=no sales. Despite my failure we returned home safely to Brown?s apartment properly sauced and the RV was in one piece.

A few hours later, I experienced the low part of the weekend- waking up with a hangover and stuck to Brown's leather couch.

Mountains in the Mist
After making a recovery from the night before I joined a new group of friends at Boulder?s famed Chautauqua Park for some volleyball, brats, and brew. It was really a good time, Colorado is beautiful this time of year and the weather is perfect.

Sunday afternoon I headed out with R$, T$, and PlayaHata to do some rafting at Poudre Canyon, outside of Ft. Collins. R$ and PlayaHata are experienced rafters and were in their kayaks, while T$ and I shared a raft. The water is high right now and moving fast. It was a perfect day today for some time on the river, for sure.

All was going well until T$ and I hit some rough rapids and I fell out of the raft. When I fell out I thought it was kinda funny initially. Im a pretty good swimmer, but unfortunately I got caught in the current and got into a hole. On the river it can be dangerous, and for about 60 seconds I thought I might be meeting the maker. The current was pulling me down and back against a big rock, and I swallowed a bit of water before I was able to somehow get out of the current and get some air. I would say I was caught underwater 3 or 4 times for more than 10 seconds. Scary stuff. Somehow I was able to get out of the hole pulling me down, but it took a lot out of me. I floated down the river for a bit and was able to swim to shore. I was white as a ghost, cold, and throwing up. After a few minutes and some deep breaths, I was able to make a recovery and finish out the day. Through all of the swimming and struggle, amazingly I kept a hand on my beloved Simpsons hat. Good times in Colorado when you can nearly drown and then get back in the raft and still enjoy yourself. Hope you enjoy the pictures...


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