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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I don't get it at all.

posted 6:42 PM by the joker

There is an old saying: When you sit down at the poker table and look around at the other players, you should be able to pick out the sucker pretty quickly. If you can?t recognize who the sucker is, it?s probably you.

Am I the sucker? I don?t get this election.

I don?t understand how we got to this point. Nothing adds up in my mind. More young people than ever showed up to vote in this election. People (like me) who were marginally interested in politics before these last 3 Bush years were ready for change like never before. Millions put in time and really started working together to motivate people to get out there and vote. Less people voted for a third party candidate this time around...and the media is saying that the election is 51%-48% Bush? It?s not even close? Gore did better against Bush than Kerry? Are you kidding me?

Who are these new people that voted for Bush? It?s amazing to me if this is really true, because if it is I have managed to surround myself with thousands of people - without even trying - that were fired up about this election with a deep resentment for Bush and had decided to support Kerry. If this is true, I am insulated in a progressive thinking Kerry bubble and not known it, yet I constantly try to interact with a wide cross section of people. I drove across this country this summer and I saw literally thousands of anti-bush and pro-Kerry stickers with many many people speaking their minds. Sure, I see support for Bush, but you are still telling me this many people do not see this failed Presidency? I have never felt more confused about my society in my life.

Yesterday, before the votes were counted, there was real excitement for change. It was like a sleeping giant had awakened- that America had been asleep for the last 4 years but now it has come to life again. I find myself searching this morning...are that many people really this scared? Are that many people really, after all of this, so confused about the issues? Is America really as dumb as the talking spin heads, Fox News flip-flopper talking points, and Swift Boat Veterans ads? Are the people that I am writing this email to really the only ones that have read 1984 and seen the parallels to this time?

What is it going to take from here? What will it take for people to wake up? Or are we awake, and are people in power so entrenched that it does not matter because of a few voting machines out there? I refuse to belive that people really want to be ruled by fear, to have the collapse of church and state, and have one part control the White House, both houses of the Senate, and soon the Courts. I don?t have any answers...Just a horrible feeling in my gut and a lot of questions.

As David Corn writes in his Nation weblog, now "there will be no good-bye to reckless preemptive war, an economic policy based on tax breaks tilted toward the wealthy, a war on environmental regulations, a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, excessive secrecy in government, unilateral machismo, the neocon theology of hubris and arrogance, a ban on effective stem cell research, no-bid Halliburton contracts, John Ashcroft, Donald Rumsfeld, and much more."

Sadly, I have nothing positive to add.

Please, Please, I pray that I am proven wrong.


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