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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

posted 8:22 AM by the joker

Today I am back in Dallas for a short Visit to Texas. Here is the update- In Denver, I decided to take a job- I start Sept 27. The past couple of months I have been job hunting and mostly being bored during the day. For a guy that has been to a new city for only a few weeks I think I have been pretty successful- I managed to change careers and find a job I actually really want, I have been out with old friends a few times and also met a lot of new ones. I've been up to the Mountains and have been enjoying living in a new city and state. My living situation is in transition right now, so I haven't had access to a reliable computer and haven't felt inspired to post or update this site until now. Maybe its the return to Dallas that prompted the renewed interest.

At any rate, since my summer tour (following Phish and diving across the country) I am somewhat surprised by many of the things that I am feeling in my life. I guess the top topics that I have been thinking a lot about can be summed up as:
- I am truly ready to pour myself into my (new) job/career. I feel motivated and excited and know that it will be hard, but there really isn't much else I am interested in doing other than working a lot.
- I feel like my time spent in live music is turning a corner, like the wave has hit the beach. Music will always be a love of mine, but I feel like the Phish Coventry weekend was the turning point. I have been jamming with a group of guys in Denver, but it has only made me miss Lane playing drums and Alan's organ playing & samples. Strangely, I don't feel sad about any of this- I more am just recognizing that in the next stage of my life I probably will not feel bad if I miss a show and I'm probably not going to play music with a band 2 or 3 nights a week. And that feels fine.
- I hardly miss Dallas. I miss a few people being around, but I keep in touch with them over phone and e-mail. I guess it is good, because I feel like I made the right decision to leave and start new in Colorado. I guess I am a little sentimental, or rather that maybe I think I should feel a little guilty for leaving my friends in family in Texas, but I don't.
- I have gotten very much involved in following presidential politics. more on that later.

So there you go...hopefully when I get back to Denver next week I can post some pictures from the summer and tell some stories from the weekend.


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