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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

From the Road Update #3: Saratoga, Casinos and Strippers

posted 5:04 PM by the joker

Since I last left you, I have seen Phish play 2 nights at the Saratoga Springs Performing Arts Center in upstate New York and yesterday I visited Niagara Falls NY and Canada. More on Niagara later?first, the band they call Phish!

The Saratoga Springs Performing Arts Center (SPAC) is located about 30 minutes north of Albany, NY. The SPAC is a beautiful place, the kind of place that I never would have visited were it not for Phish and I am glad that I got to experience the beauty of it. The SPAC is basically an amphitheater in a New York State Park with picnic and campgrounds surrounding it. The 2 days we were there it was cool and sunny- the dry, cool air, the tall trees and soft grass reminded me of somewhere in Colorado, but without the mountains. The first night of the SPAC shows we sat on the floor of the Pavilion. The Setlist:

Set 1: Reba, Runaway Jim, NICU -> Scents and Subtle Sounds, Wolfman's Brother Walls of the Cave -> jam -> David Bowie
Set 2: A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing, Piper* -> Gotta Jibboo -> Limb By Limb, Cavern
Encore Wading in the Velvet Sea
Notes *Tweezer Reprise tease

This show was once again a great show, and very different from the Brooklyn Shows. The Reba opener was a good one, as they nailed the composed sections (Reba is one of the toughest Phish songs to play) and the Walls of the Cave > Jam > David Bowie was very spacey and trippy. In fact, really, all the jams they did were very spacey and trippy this weekend. I set 2 there is really nothing more important to talk about than the Piper. This is definitely the strongest Piper that I have ever heard live, and could quite possibly be one of the greatest Phish has ever played. I have never heard a jam with so many peaks. I?m not exaggerating at all- they peaked that jam at least 10 times. I thought it was going to end or segue into another song so many times, but they just kept it going and the crowd gave the band all of the energy to do it. It was fantastic and intense. Velvet Sea is probably in my most disliked Phish songs list, so Pauly and I left the show to get out into the lot before everyone else?It was a CRAZY scene going through the sea of people getting out of that show- I have never seen so many people packed into a lawn?Pauly and I were literally Wading in a sea of rabid phish fans asking (yelling) at us for our ticket stubs so they could go down closer. I guess that calling them Velvet is more romantic, though.

We got back to the car and had to wait about an hour and a half after the show to get out of the lot- but it was a beautiful night, the stars were out, and there were cold beers in the cooler so there were no worries. By the time we got back to the hotel there wasn?t much energy left for a post party (the place we were staying was filled to the gills with fellow phisheads) and I slept like a baby.

Sunday morning came a little early but I woke up feeling good. After some breakfast we departed early for the lots to get a good spot and sell some bloody mary?s. Sunday afternoon was just a perfect perfect afternoon- sunny and cool. I just had a great afternoon in the park and sold some drinks.

Pauly and I were In the mood for a really over the top spacey show, and Phish delivered. The setlist:

Set 1: Rift, Julius, Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home*, Waves, Gumbo, Water in the Sky, Horn, Poor Heart, Drowned
Set 2: Seven Below->Ghost -> Twist, You Enjoy Myself
Encore: Good Times Bad Times
*with Page's dad, Dr. Jack McConnell on vocals. Dr. McConnell tap dances at the end of Bill Bailey.
During Julius, Trey broke first string on stage since 1995.

The first set of this show was solid, with them playing a lot of songs that I like okay, but somehow making me really like them more by jamming them out. It was also neat to see Page?s dad come out for a tune in acknowledgement of Father?s day. The Drowned at the end of the set is a Who cover and it was a very powerful jam to close the set. Pauly and I were tripping? pretty hard by the end of the set break and Phish must have known it, cause the Seven Below >Ghost -> Twist, You Enjoy Myself was just amazing. Effortless jamming and really spacey/trippy. Lots of great moments in each song. Sometimes a show takes on a personality or sound all its own, and this show is one of those. It seemed like they were continuing the same jam with each song, only pausing for a second to sing the verse & chorus of the individual songs.

Post show the scene was similar to the first night, except I was much more high energy and ready to party. I cranked up the XM radio on the rave station (dum-ch- dum-ch- dum-ch- dum-ch- dum-ch- dum-ch- dum-ch- dum-ch- dum-ch- dum-ch) and lighted a perimeter of candles around the car, creating a little lounge in the lot. It was kinda chilly, so I thought it would be appropriate to break out the prop bag and put on the coors hat and red boa. Apparently, this is an easy way to attract attention in the lot from fellow phisheads looking to party- I met a revolving cast of characters looking for more drugs or trying to get rid of them, but all I did was dance into the night and look at the stars with glowstick in hand. Back at the hotel we also had a little late night jam session/chill party with some VERY cool New York Phisheads. I played a little guitar...My setlist:

Divided Sky*, Cities*#, Iron Man*, Blues Jam Improv>Yer So Bad, Lucky, Fight Test*#

# flubbed lyrics

There were so many funny moments leaving the Sunday show and post show in the lot, but this one I think is my favorite. Pauly was passing a girl in the crow leaving the show and we heard her say to her friend ?Woa, I was really wasted...until that third hit of Ecstasy kicked in?? People, I can?t make this stuff up.

Monday we woke up and drove to Niagara falls to see the sights. Oh, and there also happens to be really good strip clubs and casinos on the Canadian side of Niagara. I lost some money early at the blackjack tables, then we took a cab to probably the wildest strip club I have ever been to. Pauly and I used the names ?Mike? and ?Trey? and told the girls of our band and some of touring life (none picked up on the joke- go figure). After meeting a bevy of Romanian, Hungarian and Canadian strippers (and also being sweet talked and called ?baby boy? by a 6 foot Nubian Princess) we returned to the casino where I hit a hot streak late night & won back some of the Canadian Dollars the breast implants had stolen from my pockets. Probably the best night of blackjack and strippers in my life. Viva Las Vegas, Eh...What can I say?

Tonight we are staying in Indianapolis and Wednesday and Thursday we will be camping at Deer Creek (about 30 minutes north of Indy) seeing a band called Phish.

Meeting more Hungarian women in 2004,

PS- some of you have asked for me to include some pictures?I would like to, as I am a very visual person, but I can?t figure out how to get the pictures off of my camera at the local Kinko?s. But I am working on it.



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