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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

My favorite band calls it quits

posted 1:52 PM by the joker

Yesterday afternoon, without even a single rumor in the community, Trey Anastasio, guitarist and leader of Phish announced that they would be breaking up after their upcoming summer tour. Their last show will be a festival in Vermont in August.

Many people are very upset about this, but I seem to have a completely different outlook than many of the others that I talk to or read their posts on the Internet.

I feel very lucky to have seen them 8 times and have the memories that I have from those shows. Last summer I got to see them at The Gorge in Washington St, which was one of the most beautiful and fun concert trips I have ever had. Many other people I know have gotten to go on tour with the band- something that I have always wanted to do but never had the balls or opportunity to do, until now. I feel very lucky that I am going to see them 8 times this summer, and possibly go to their last festival in August. If everything has to come to an end somehow, then this is a great way to end it. I am very excited for the shows and tour this summer, it will be a special time indeed.

For me, 2004 is a great year of change- I am moving, friends are moving, friends are getting married, having children, we might even have a new President...and now my favorite band that has a whole culture wrapped around it is ending for good. What could be more perfect in this year? 2004 is the year for things like this. Some change is horrible- but this, an end of an era with a band at the top of their game, is a good thing. It is time to move on. I feel good and at peace about it.

Pauly wrote a great post about the breakup on his blog. Read it if you are interested...I enjoyed it.

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