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Monday, May 24, 2004

Journal Entries from Summer, 2001

posted 10:24 PM by the joker

I took a hiatus/roadtrip in the Summer of 2001. I spent time in most of the Western States and drove to Seattle and back from Dallas over a 2 month time period. Here are some poems/song lyrics. I think one time they had music to them, but all I have now is the words. I am startled how relevant they still are to me today. It seems like I am still thinking about a lot of the things I wrote about as I prepare for another summer hiatus and road trip.

I dont feel bad about what I have done.
I tried something new, found out where others came from.
I wasnt looking for it, it just happened.
and I didnt stop it.
Look into my eyes
Believe what I say.
Who are you to judge or make faces?
You need to live more before you will know.
The road traveled was filled with gold
I stuffed my pockets, i filled my cup
There will be no regrets, no worries when I am old.
Where am i going? What is my plan?
Why do I need to know?
Why do I need your approval?
Live your own life, stop worrying about mine.
Ambition makes me unhappy, and now
I am free.
Everything can work out
With a smile, a credit card, and a car.
Drive to find adventure
it is looking for you
if you let yourself see it.
I am trying to find my way
some say it is in black and white.
I see gray
You, you think you KNOW
You believe the papers
and ones you have never met
But I tell you, I lived it
and I havent made up my mind yet.
Which side are you on?
How long is your hair?
Have you let your career drive you mad?
Dont let the money
Take your smile away.
Is this all there is?
This is not the American Dream.
These halls of computers and cubes
and Cheat
and Steal your soul!
When you are rich and empty
I will be smiling and laugh
Because I took the road
That really let me live.
2 months can be so short
If you check your e-mail every day.
But a day free in the mountains
Can be a year of play.
Im so glad I lived
Tried something new
I made my riches in living life
I hope I never forget.



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