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Monday, February 09, 2004

Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion!

posted 12:10 PM by the joker

This weekend was spent doing a lot of things- going to see a band, watching movies (saw Donnie Darko at midnight at an independent theater- cool stuff!), watching the Grammys…but mostly my mind was elsewhere. A lot of introspective thinking, a lot of spacing out. THC seems to encourage this state, and its even deeper if you have something that you need to think about.

The thing I’m thinking about is my move to Colorado and finishing my MBA. I used to laugh at the people that say they went to Law school and all they figured out is that they don’t want to be a lawyer. I very much feel like all I learned in MBA school is that I don’t want to be an MBA, or at least I don’t want to be a corporate drone businessman. (does anyone, really? Sometimes I wonder.)

The good thing is that I have made some good contacts in Colorado- friends of friends of friends that are willing to help me find work. One, in particular, seems to think that he knows everyone in Colorado and can help me find what I’m looking for.

Problem is, what am I looking for? (cue U2: “I have climbed the highest mountain…I have run though the fields…”)

For him to help me, and this is probably the case for a lot of other people to help me as well, I need an elevator pitch. Something that sums up in 30 seconds or less who I am, what I want, and where I’m going. In a world where it seems like I have always been presented with choices, its kind of intimidating to have to come up with what I want. Sometimes I think I know what will make me happy, but then doubt sets in. I just feel really restless and lacking in focus and direction, and am unsure how to find it.

In other news, I made a mix cd that I am calling “Grooves” that I am obsessed with…It has 13 tracks of funky/jazzy spacy grooves that I love and can’t stop listening to it. Its 75 minutes of space out head bobbin fun.

Watched Dubya on Meet the Press yesterday morning. Bush kept close to his script. I don’t doubt that Saddam is/was a madman, but im still not sure that he had just cause to go to war, and it was an "imminent threat" like he said. Its kind of frustrating for me to watch his interviews- Tim Russert asked a lot of good questions, but bush never really seemed to open up or get much away from saying the same key messages. Sticking to the key messages is a key strategy to any PR campaign, but it doesn’t make me relate to him very well. There were a couple of things that were in there that were pretty funny that we paused and re-wound on TiVo- like when he said we were "on the hunt" for Osama and bobbled his head...I enjoyed the Bush-isms more than anything. “Shadowy terrorist network” is another good quote. But like Garcia says…we aren’t pro war or anti-war, we are just pro love and pro music. I used to hate talking politics, but I am intrigued right now by this political season.

Perhaps the weirdest detail that I thought about the whole Meet the Press interview and I haven’t read or heard anything about was this- Towards the end of the interview, Russert read a not so flattering remark by John Kerry about Bush at Yale. Bush responded by saying he didn’t know Kerry at Yale, yet they were 2 years apart and both in the Skull and Bones club/society/fraternity thing. How could they not have known each other? Small detail, but weird.


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