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"Music is a spiritual expression of what's in your heart. Music as a way of getting rich is a pretty new thing, and I often wonder if the mega-bucks glitzy atmosphere is making the quality of music suffer. You have to work really hard to get around that and remember why you're in it in the first place: because you have to be. It's like an addiction. You can't go a day without picking up your guitar. To me, the only commercial goals that are really valid are, 'Boy, I wish I didn't have to go to work. I wish I could do this all the time."
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Friday, February 06, 2004

Thank god I can take a nap when I get home

posted 2:03 PM by the joker

Its been raining all week and cold, and my mood definitely goes along with the weather- I get feeling kinda tired and not very exciting or creative when its gray outside. I have no idea how you people that live in the Northeast and Midwest get through winter without committing suicide.

Last night I put my shit kickers on and went to see The Yonder Mountain String Band at the Gypsy Tea room. I like about 45 minutes of bluegrass and then everything pretty much is the same to me- I had a good time, and I could definitely feel the energy…but I kept on wanting to groove, but there wasn’t a drum kit to groove to. I won tickets to the show, so the people that I got in for free were buying me drinks all night...then I went home and watched The Apprentice on TiVo...and woke up with a hangover and am a bit tired. But It was another damn good episode with The Donald. You're fired. Love it.

I am trying to make some headway with contacts and setting up some interviews in Denver/Boulder for the first week of March. I have gotten in touch with some people, but its definitely a tough, uphill battle in finding a job and all that. Im trying to stay positive, though, and I think that I will be able to have 5-10 meetings set up when I go up there- either informational interviews or just get to know you networking lunches. In case you are wondering, im looking to Advertising/Sales/Marketing job functions, mostly in the Technology industry in Colorado…drop me a line if you think you can help me out.

So, Pauly sent me some more Phish CD’s, and I have been listening to them all day today. The Piper on 12-29-03 is bad ass- Trey plays some heavy metal riffs there at about 11:50 that take the jam totally over the top. Good stuff. Phish announced a 3-day run in Vegas in April, but I think im going to save my money for a tour following this summer- a trip to Vegas could get very $$$ expensive. Gambling while you are high? Bad idea. In MBA speak, the CPS (cost per show) would be lower on a summer tour.

George W. Bush is rumored to be on Meet The Press this Sunday…should be interesting to see what he has to say. I really think that Tim Russert asks the tough question, and seems to remain unbiased…I’ll be tuning in for sure.



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