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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Guilty Pleasure

posted 5:07 PM by CheezLog

I must admit that I have a new guilty pleasure for a current television program. Yes, that's right...I love the OC. This is coming from a man who enjoyed watching Dawson's Creek on a weekly basis. Sweet, Sweet Katie Holmes...(SNAP OUT OF IT CHEEZLOG!)... Anway, Dawson's Creek was so 2003. Now I'm all about the OC. The storyline is good thus far and the actresses are hot. What more can one ask for? I understand that not all of you will agree with me which is fine. We all have a guilty pleasure and this one is mine. I will even admit to still enjoying Boy Meets World. This particular show is so bad that it's 100% right.

Please share YOUR guilty pleasure. Is it Tang? Britney Spears? Boner from Growing Pains? Doves? Me? Motley Crue? Spill your little secret.



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