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Monday, January 19, 2004

Its hard to make the good things last...

posted 10:45 AM by the joker

i gotta say my whiskers are still kinda frazzled from my weekend- so this post may a little more rambling and scatterbrained than i would like, but hey.

a random thought that i have been thinking a lot about lately is the idea that "its hard to make the good things last" and "nothing lasts for long"- the idea that the best things in life- love, friends, a work situation, whatever, never last forever. if you are lucky, you can spend a lot of your life with someone, but the situation and the way you feel about that person will change. so really, in theory, you should live your life just doing what you think you should do, instead of thinking that you shouldn't leave a place or a person cause you have something right now- like a relationship you are in or maybe there is something else you are in and its awesome right now, but there is no guarantee (and in reality) it probably wont last forever, so you should just enjoy it while you can. and if it ends cause you move, or if it ends because of something else that you do, well thats fine, cause it wasnt going to be like it is forever anyway. it has to end somehow, so we need to just live our lives and be happy with things the way they are now, and not worry about how they are going to be if you change something. cause really, it isnt going to last forever, so you might as well be the person that does the changing and be in not saying that you should live your life without consideration for other people or right or wrong- im not saying that at all- im just saying that a lot of the things that i wish could have lasted forever havent, no matter how hard i tried to hold on to them- so now maybe i need to not be afraid of the change and not take things for granted as much. if its good now, appreciate it, cause sometime sooner rather than later you may be sad that it isnt like it was. but thats ok. nothing lasts forever.

dont know if im making any sense, but thats what ive been thinking about.
thats what i got for now.


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