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Friday, January 02, 2004

Hello from Chicago

posted 1:00 PM by the joker

Im in Chicago, at the residence of the CheezLog. It has been a great time. Just to re-cap: Christmas was spent with the 'rents, and then on the 26th I drove up to Colorado. It was very cold in Colorado on the ski slopes, but I got a couple of good days in and the last day I skied, on the 30th in Winter Park, we got about 8 inches of fresh powder. I also met with some SMU alumni in Denver about job search ideas and moving up there in June, and those meetings went very well.

On the 31st I flew to Chicago and we saw the White Stripes and the Flaming Lips on New Year's eve at the Aragon Ballroom. Before the show, Perinable S had use over at his new badass condo apartment and he and his lovely beautiful girlfriend cooked for us. Yum Yum. Wwe left his apartment very full with strong buzzes and took a cab across town to the show. So far, so good.

The Lips opened the show, and played only 7 songs. I definitely could have heard more from them, but I was satisfied with what we got. The Lips have about 15-20 people on the side of the stage that dress up in mascot costumes- you know, big furry animals dancing around on the side of the stage- and at some point 4 of the women that were wearing costumes took them off to reveal that they were only wearing panties and pasties on their breasts- it was quite festive to have women dancing topless on the side of the stage with ridiculous animal costume heads on.

The White Stripes came out and rocked. Meg White looked really hott, and I couldn't take my eyes off her playing the drums. She sometimes would kick the bass drum and pound the snare with one hand, and then just swing her head and shoulders to make her hair dance and flow everywhere. It was great. At midnight Jack White played "I can tell we are going to be friends", then got the Flaming Lips out on stage for Auld Lang Syne>Seven Nation Army. Rock and Roll! There was a balloon drop and all that fun. The show got out about 1:15 AM. I got pictures of it all, of course- ill post when i get back home.

Now here is where the buzzkill comes in. The beautiful and lovely girlfriend of Perinable S checked her coat, and it took 1 hour to get it after the show. 1 hour of standing around, waiting in line after an awesome show on New Year's eve is torture. CheezLog and I were ready to go out and drink all night, but by the time we were able to get in a cab it was 2:30am, we were all tired and the momentum was lost. But overall it was a great night, just the end wasnt so great. But thats the way it goes.

Yesterday Cheezlog got an XBox, and we have been playing Halo all day today and some last night. It is addictive. There are a few other good stories from the trip, Ill try to fill you in soon. Hope everyone is having a great 2004 so far...I know I am.


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