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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

City By The Lake

posted 8:04 AM by CheezLog

According to the current temperature in downtown Chicago is -1 (feels like -20 with windshield). For those not familiar with Cheez Log’s morning routine, here it is:

1. Wake up
2. Hit snooze button
3. Wake up again, get out of bed
4. Take a shower
5. Shave
6. Get dressed
7. Put on my jacket and scarf
8. Walk two blocks to train stop (Southport stop, Brown Line)
9. Wait for train, catch train
10. Ride train to Belmont station, transfer to Red Line
11. Get off downtown at Grand stop
12. Walk 5-6 blocks to my workplace
13. Defrost on elevator up to the 16th floor
14. Walk to desk
15. Sit down
16. Turn on computer

It’s important to note that number 8,9 & 12 involve walking outside. On a day like this it’s BRUTAL. Not only is it -1, but it snowed all day Sunday which means there’s ice and frozen snow all over the sidewalks. Your eyes actually tear up and slide down your cheeks as the cold wind hits your face.

Although some of you think Chicago is always painfully artic-like, we experience mostly mild winter days (Average Temp: 40 degrees). Sunday’s snow was our first major snow of the season. Negative temperatures don’t occur very often. Last Friday it was almost 60 degrees!

Regardless, today’s high is supposed to reach 17.


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