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Monday, December 15, 2003

Things of Note

posted 1:34 PM by the joker

 Dave Matthews is on a "solo tour" with Trey Anastasio of Phish in his band. I HIGHLY recommend downloading and listening to this show from Friday at Penn St. here.
 While shopping at Best Buy for presents for my parents, I got a TiVo for myself this weekend (don't worry, i got my parents presents too!) and all i can say that after 2 days with TiVo I can't imagine watching TV any other way. It is genius!
 Sunday morning I got up to cheer on runners in Dallas' own White Rock Marathon. It was a lot of fun- i brought my guitar and shaker, and made up lyrics about the runners passing by while playing a blues groove. It was pretty funny. I saw a guy handing out crispy creme donuts to runners (we were standing at about mile 21) and I also saw a 60 year old man stop, complain of cramping up ask for a beer, chug half of it, say "yeah thats just what i needed" and finish the race. nice.
 Cowboys in the playoffs??? looks like it might happen.
 I think that Saddam's capture is going to ensure a re-election for Bush. There will be a public trial that is going to make the OJ coverage look like small potatoes. Saddam is going to admit to having weapons of mass destruction (whether he did or not- they will get him to say he did) and Bush's reasons for going to war will be justified. I just dont see how Howard Dean (or anyone else) can beat Bush with things going well in Iraq.
 I will be on The Ticket P-1 Wild Ass Circus tonight (monday) on 1310 AM from 8-10pm tonight.


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