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Friday, December 05, 2003

Fukk Mercury.

posted 11:11 AM by the joker

“The fact that Mercury will be retrograde during holiday time is problematic…This aspect can also affect electronics. Try to back up your computer hard drive to preserve data (digital loss is a frequent problem during these phases), and don't install any new software or upgrades to your system until after January 6.” – Pisces horoscope,

Yeah, here is a big FUKK YOU!, Mercury.

Yesterday afternoon was the most stressful day I have had in a long, long time.

I was working with my group on a 20-page paper and presentation that was worth about 50% of my grade for my Entrepreneurial Strategy class. We were supposed to give a presentation at 6pm, and arrived at the school at about 5:30 to get ready and prepare. I had even taken the day off of work yesterday and had been working on finishing up this project all damn day.

We get up to the school…the paper is finished, our presentation is burned on a CD. We put the CD into the computer and…

Nothing works. We can’t get our presentation up. Fukk.

No time. No time. No time. I tear across town to get another copy of the presentation burned. Of course there is crazy rush hour traffic and it takes 45 minutes round trip. Forget practicing the presentation. We ended up giving our presentation completely cold, with everyone more than a little flustered. It wasn’t anyone’s fault, it just was frustrating.

Our professor was cool, he let some other groups present their projects before us. Everything turned out ok, I guess. Sometimes I seem to do my best work under pressure, and I actually did a better job with the presentation than I thought.

THANK GOD THAT IS OVER! I am now done with all my projects for my classes this semester, and in party mode. Tonight Im going to Ft. Worth to see OloSpo’s last show. We even have a bus full of 30 people together to make the 40-minute drive and party the whole way. Saturday night I have a MBA Christmas Party, a friend’s house warming party, and a friend’s band is playing. Its great when a weekend is jam packed full of chances to party and I feel like I deserve to celebrate and get some tension out.

Bathtub Gin Official Endorsement: 21 Grams
One thing that I have forgotten to mention is how good 21 Grams is. I saw it last Sunday with CheezLog when he was in town. Its an independent film, and stars Sean Penn, Naomi Watts (what a hottie!!!) and Benecio del Toro. I don’t want to give too much away, but this film is smart, edgy, and makes you think. This weekend, Fukk Tom Cruise and his Samurai shit- Go see a REAL film like 21 Grams.



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