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Thursday, November 13, 2003

Press Release from Comedy Central

posted 11:00 AM by CheezLog


Four Straight Comedians The "Flab 4" To Give Gay Men Tips To Pass As Straight For A Day
To Aid Them In Achieving Their Dreams

NEW YORK, NY, November 10, 2003. Boys will be boys but thanks to COMEDY CENTRAL's "Straight Plan For The Gay Man," three gay men will achieve their dreams of becoming a blue-collar meatpacker, competitive basketball player and bar hopping, smooth talking babe magnet. COMEDY CENTRAL is in production on three one-hour long episodes that mock and shatter the straight male stereotypes while "embracing" the phenomenon that has swelled over "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy." "Straight Plan For The Gay Man" will air on February 17, 2004.

COMEDY CENTRAL's "Straight Plan for the Gay Man" has four straight comedians, the "Flab 4" -- Curtis Gwynn, Billy Merritt, Kyle Grooms and Rob Riggle - working with a gay man to achieve his small but important dream of pulling the wool over the straight world's eyes for a day. In the three one-hour episodes, viewers will meet three different gay men and learn about that one thing they've always wanted to check off their life's "to do list."

The gay men include: Jonathan, an upscale fashion salesman who's always wanted to better understand the life of a blue collar worker; Roger, a quirky yoga instructor who has always dreamed of competing in a pick up basketball game; and Stephen, a hip singer/dancer with tons of female friends, who's always wondered if he'd be a smooth straight man when it comes to picking up the ladies.

Over the course of each episode, our "Flab 4" comics take their new gay friend under their wing and give him a crash course on the secrets of straight male life -- a life that inevitably requires uglier clothes, a bare kitchen and a healthy dose of false egotism to cover for all personal failings -- of which there are many. At the end of each episode, the straight comics go undercover alongside their gay subject to see if they too can "pass" their tests: with Jonathan, they attempt to get hired at a meatpacking factory; with Roger, they square off in a competitive NYC street ball game; and with Stephen, the guys go for a night of speed dating.

Nick McKinney of Borderline and Lou Wallach from COMEDY CENTRAL are the executive producers for "Straight Plan For The Gay Man."


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