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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

I've been Waiting on a moment...but that moment never came.

posted 12:48 PM by the joker

I think maybe all the single people in the world need to get together and tell each other the rules. I mean, I know that the girls ive taken on dates lately weren't my soulmates, but I still had a good time with them. I can tell we aren't perfect together, so I am not really hurt by them telling me they aren’t interested. And hey, I’m not stupid, ive let things fizzle out between people that ive been out with by not calling or e-mailing as much as its being done to me now, but it still kinda hurts to be told so bluntly that they "just want to be friends” or "had a good time, you are a good kisser, but there is nothing between us"...after all, no one likes to feel rejected, at any level...i thought I knew before, but now I don’t know what everyone means by "dating" and "friends" and "casually dating" and "serious"...cause all i really want is a girl i can care for and make laugh and snuggle with & kiss on every once in a while...and I’m not sure why it is that’s so hard to find, cause it seems like there are a bunch of girls out there looking for the same thing.

All of this probably sounds like I’m complaining, and maybe I am. I have always been annoyed reading other people’s posts about how their life is hard or sukks or something didn’t work out the way they want it to, wah wah wah. I know things don’t go the way I want them to, and I have a lot of things that are going good. But right now the things that are going good aren’t the things that I seem to think about a lot. As much as I like to stay on the positive, it seems like the few things that aren’t going my way are the ones that I think about all the time. I feel restless in my job, I feel restless with my life in general. Maybe that will eventually be a good thing, that I don’t want to settle for the way things are and I want to work hard to make them better. But for now, at least till I finish my MBA in May 2004, I’m in a holding pattern…and I’m kinda getting really restless waiting around. I feel like I’m in a slump...what else can I say.

Plans are coming together for a post Christmas > New Year’s road trip. On Dec 26 im driving up to Colorado for a few days of skiing and visiting friends up there. Then, I will deathmarch roadtrip across the boring wintry Midwest wasteland to Chicago, where I will see the White Stripes and Flaming Lips perform on New Year’s eve. I am very much looking forward to this’s to hoping it will bring me some relief and change of attitude I so need.



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