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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Halloween Recap

posted 11:02 AM by the joker

This weekend we had a pretty wild time all around. Fri night (Halloween) we went out to a couple of bars in Boston and then back to a party that was close to where John lived- the party had gay guys making out in corners, booze, drugs, and a couple of girls that decided to dance and walk around topless. John is a photographer and his wife works for Harvard...they are 2 of my best friends in the world and it was wonderful to see them. the live in kind of an "artists community" in a building that is a converted warehouse into large "spaces" basically I met a bunch of eccentric talented artists all weekend. I guess all the other cool people that live in Boston went up to Salem or to NYC for the weekend, cause it just didnt seem like the town was into Halloween- only about a quarter of the people out were dressed up.

Sat night decided to take a little road trip and got a room at the Westin in downtown Providence (Providence is about an hour from Boston) on for $100! We went out for a really nice dinner- steaks and wine and sushi at a place called "10" in Providence- I highly recommend it...then we decided to really turn it up and went to a couple of strip clubs (with Jeanne, John's wife in tow), got really drunk and looked at boobs all night. After close we had a party back at the hotel till sunrise...

I did take some pictures in Boston- John wore a pink velour J-Lo workout suit and was "Juanita Lopez, J-Lo's estranged cousin...and I just looked flat out scary as a big breasted blonde. I’m having trouble with my home computer and cant upload them to post here, but if someone has some space for me, lemme know and maybe we can work out an .ftp arrangement. But ill warn you, I’m not a pretty woman at all. my scruff with the blonde wig was pretty disgusting, which was the intention...but still nasty nonetheless.

...and these really aren't even the tip of the iceberg of the was a lot of fun but I’m very exhausted from staying up all night 2 nights.


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