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Friday, October 10, 2003

State of the Blogger Address

posted 3:27 PM by the joker

i am getting tired of with the drinking/going out thing. i feel like i have tons of "friends", more like acquaintances, to talk to at a bar but nothing important to talk about. need deeper relationship(s). i wake up many mornings feeling empty. definitely feeling like i need a woman's touch in my life, but wont settle for one that isnt right. often times wonder what is right, if ive already passed it up. miss old friends. i love going out, being active, hearing music, dancing, but want more meaning. work and school seem unfulfilling also.

tonight and tomorrow night polo sport is playing at club dada, which is in deep ellum and will probably be packed with TX/OU people. could be fun if i get really high and drunk, which i sometimes feel like i want to do and other times wonder what im doing. i just got an invitation to watch the TX/OU game and drink all day...i dont know if ill find something more fun/worthwile to do than go to that. world seems to revolve around being drunk. is never ending cycle. have crushes on people far away. wonder if that is healthy.

other than that, there is a lot i want to accomplish. perhaps as a result of being busy all the time i have the many thin relationships. seems that in the past solid relationships were built by spending quality time together and doing things, now it seems too busy for any of it. seems there is always something i need to do and dont get to do. i need to study. i need some time alone to think. i need to call my mom more. i need to exercise. would probably be a good idea to go to yoga class too. many times i wonder what i do with the moments that i do have and all i think about is the things i need to do.

am looking forward to halloween. going to boston to visit old friends. will dress in drag for the first time. i should probably also try to go dress shopping, maybe ill take my digital camera with me and post you some pics of dresses i try on.


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