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"Music is a spiritual expression of what's in your heart. Music as a way of getting rich is a pretty new thing, and I often wonder if the mega-bucks glitzy atmosphere is making the quality of music suffer. You have to work really hard to get around that and remember why you're in it in the first place: because you have to be. It's like an addiction. You can't go a day without picking up your guitar. To me, the only commercial goals that are really valid are, 'Boy, I wish I didn't have to go to work. I wish I could do this all the time."
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Friday, October 10, 2003

posted 9:59 AM by the joker

Saw moe. last night at the Gypsy Tea Room. Loved the show. Lots of spacy jams. I thought that the rhythm section was on fire last night- percussion, drums, bass. Bad ass basslines all night long. Moe. seems to have found their sound and are sticking to it, and are really solid with segues. They don't take a lot of chances or aren't as varied as Phish, but keep the groove going really well. They brought their own lights and were a nice touch too.

There were a lot of people out last night- lots of frat daddies and there were some lost sorority girls in the crowd. I say lost because they were too pretty to be at a dirty jam band show. Seemed like sometimes the sorority girls confused a noodle dance with a stripper dance. But i digress.

Before i went out to moe, bongo juarez, polo sport guitar and I played some funk. The practice went great, but I dont play bass enough and my fingers get worked over. I have a blister on the end of one of my fingers and it kinda hurts to type. But polo sport guitar is so good- its just fun to be around so much talent. His band is playing tonight and tomorrow night, i might go see them. Its a big weekend in dallas- Texas vs. Oklahoma- the town gets crazy.



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