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Friday, October 03, 2003

I Love Drunk E-mails

posted 9:30 AM by the joker

This message was in my inbox this morning...classic:

-----Original Message-----
From: C
Sent: Friday, October 03, 2003 12:47 AM
To: The Joker
Subject: RE:


I'm not gonna bother with the backspac e key tonight. fuck it.

so , i might not be there tomorrw, but i might not be te there. i
sware i'm not an alcohic. you probably think i am. my friend jill has
this boyfriend that htink thinks it's really cool to feed me tequila
d and then see what happens. he fed me a lot tonight as well as
vodka. supposed to be rall really good sut stuff. apparaently it is.

soooooo, it might not be at the i big red rooster rom tomorrow, and i miht. not sure but my firend friend that ws was going ith em with me said that she has tai chi at 9am sat morn so we're gonna decide late tomorrow what we want to do. so maybe we'll be seein' ya there or not.

ya know what, i'll write yu you tomorrow at lunch when i'm a sober bin being and ti this will make a lot mr more senc sense. just remember that i'm not that stupid , i just sia said fuck the




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