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Monday, October 06, 2003

Didnt see the drumline, but got another show yo-yo-yo!

posted 11:37 AM by the joker

Saturday night I attended the Texas State Fair with my good friends W&S. We did not realize that the Prairie View A&M vs. Grambling St. football game was going on at the Cotton Bowl until we got out there. After halftime, everyone left the game and we were 3 very white people in a sea of hip-hoppers. It was quite an interesting people watching experience- there were some scantily clad hoochie mommas with ghetto booty that were, um, eyebrow raising.

All I did at the fair was eat and drink beer, I didn’t ride any rides. The last thing I ate was a deep fried twinkie, and I think it sent me over the edge into feeling gross nasty gross. The deep fried twinkie had a strange texture to it- instead of being crispy on the outside, it basicially is like this warm donut dough thing that sort of tastes like a twinkie. I guess there is a reason some things are only sold at the fair.

the cotton bowl
Winston and Sarah
Big Tex

After the game we saw School of Rock. Bathtub Gin gives thumbs way up to this movie. Jack Black is great, but the kids are the ones that really steal the show. They can all actually play their instruments, and the characters of the kids are just loveable and hilarous. Good stuff.



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