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Thursday, October 16, 2003


posted 8:58 AM by CheezLog

Well, it's over. The Cubs aren't going to the World Series. I caught part of the game at Second City during a bathroom break from my writing class and watched the rest at home. I wasn't as upset/frustrated as I imagined I would be. I did in fact walk over to Wrigley Field after the game to observe the aftermath. It was complete chaos! Every street around the stadium (4-5 blocks in each direction) was roadblocked and there were thousands of Cubs fans walking everywhere. Most were drunk as usual. Along with the fans there were tons of cops. They were probably there in case the city decided to rage after the game. Let me tell you about Cubs fans...They are not typically angry. They might get pissy for a few minutes, but they drink an Old Style beer and move on. Losing is nothing new to Cubs' fans. Cubs fans typically drink a lot too. Lose, drink and be merry is their motto.

Things I saw outside the stadium last night:
- Drunk fans yelling all sorts of messages. Examples: "Fuck the Marlins!" "We eat fish!" "Fuck the Cubs!"
- A Mexican dude wearing a blue sombrero with a Cubs' "C" on it.
- A Storm Trooper wearing a Cubs sticker.
- Cops, Cops and Cops. At one point there were 24 cops on horses and about 50 cops wearing riot gear (helmets and tear gas guns) walking in line formations to push the crowd off the streets.
- T-shirt vendors making a shitload of cash.
- A drunk fan wearing a Bears jersey and waving a Cubs flag...Walking directly behind the Cop formations.

As for the fan who caught the ball on Monday night, I feel sorry for the guy. The city of Chicago knows his name, address, place of work and social security number. Apparently a Holiday Inn in Florida contacted him yesterday to offer him a month-long complimentary stay.

This is CheezLog reporting from Chicago. Over and out.


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