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Sunday, September 21, 2003

wilco @ auditorium theatre (9-20-2003)

posted 7:41 PM by CheezLog

i caught wilco at chicago's auditorium theatre last night. one word: solid.

the band played two sold out nights to a hometown crowd at auditorium theatre to conclude their two year "yankee hotel foxtrot" tour. the venue was magnificent! it reminded me of radio city music hall to some degree. seats were reserved which was different from past wilco shows i've attended. the atmosphere was very different as well. the band usually plays the riviera theatre which is smaller, allows smoking and is general admission. last night's show felt more formal and upscale.

regardless, the band greeted the audience wearing suits and ties and played 2+ hours of material. they sounded tight and the acoustics were stellar. after 3 encores jeff tweedy thanked their crew, fans and announced they will be taking a break until election time.

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